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How to upload a YouTube Testimonial

1)  Fill in your name, email, location and website (if you have one)

2)  Go to and search for your video. (Note: To leave a video testimonial, you will first
—–have to create and upload your video to Instructions for doing this can be found on
—–the website)

3)  Click the “Share” button below your video

4)  Click the “Embed” button and copy the code highlighted in blue by right clicking on that text and
—–selecting “copy”

5)  Right click in the testimonial box below and “paste” the YouTube code.

6)  Click “Submit”

* = Required Field

What is your fullname?

Fill in your email address

What is your company name?

Does your company have a website?

Describe our company in a few short words

What do you think about our company?

Do you have a photo we can use?

*I agree that this testimonial can be published.

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